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European Antiques & Mid Century Modern Furnishings

Visit us in the heart of the Round Top show for a staggering variety of traditional antiques and mid-century modern furnishings. Each piece is hand-picked by French dealers, Patrice Watine and Cyril Clerc. Our goods are shipped straight from France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and many other historic destinations across Europe.

Designers travel from all over the world to Bader Ranch for unique statement finds including furniture, art, lighting, architectural pieces, textiles and building materials. You won't find two pieces that are the same.

While you’re here pick up an Ecuadorian hat with a modern take from designer Sissy Light, sit down for a 5-star dinner from Austin based chef Nick Middleton or grab a world-famous margarita from Marfa based Lady Elaine Company (served from a vintage airstream).

The best part…you’ll find all of this magic in a rural hayfield that offers what might be the best sunset you’ve seen with live music playing in the background. 

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